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Beautiful Pains

It’s been a little over seven months since I married the love of my life. So far I have vomited profusely, cried sporadically, gained thirty pounds and countless stretchmarks. Yayy. In case you haven’t guessed it – I’m pregnant.

Let me just start by saying how this time has elapsed nothing like I thought it would, I had every intention of being a blend of Martha Stewart, Claire Huxtable and a stripper. Unfortunately, nausea and fatigue made it very difficult do be the non-stop cooking, cleaning, sex vixen of perfection I wanted to be for my husband. Instead, I had these symptoms that under any other circumstance would indicate I am dying but in pregnancy they’re described as normal and I couldn’t see anything other than all that I was now incapable of doing the way I once did. As usual, Holy Spirit slips a lesson into this season of my life and as usual; I am going to share it with you beautiful people.

Here’s how it happened:

I was in bed one day, lamenting over the pelvic pain and swollen feet I had now become accustomed to. I was scrolling aimlessly through old photos and looked at one of my 9 year old daughter, I began to think back on all that I was facing during my first pregnancy with her. Truth be told, it was a terrible time but when she came – none of it even mattered at all.

There was never a day I resented my daughter because of what I experienced during the process of having her. It was painful, but the outcome was breathtaking. Looking at her gorgeous little face brings me nothing but joy. The pain of the process never supersedes the beauty of the promise. In that moment it hit me, that I wasn’t just aching, I was creating! My body itself is being used to produce a new living person the world has never seen and doesn’t know it needs yet. I am pregnant with a promise that when all I see are symptoms, God sees the outcome! Enduring these beautiful pains, allows the earth to roar with new possibilities and endless creativity.

You may not be physically pregnant like I am, but we all possess something unseen that the world doesn’t know it needs yet. What if Einstein stopped because of the pain of failure? What if Martin Luther King Jr. stopped because it was dangerous? What if Oprah stopped because she was rejected? What if Yeshuah stopped because 39 lashes hurt too much?

You will never know how much the world needs whats in you until you endure those beautiful pains and PUSH!!!!

Until next time,

Live a little, love a lot, be a blessing!



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Frightening fantasy…

My fantasies have taken a frightful turn. They’re not even about me anymore. 

My utmost desire is to witness the healing power of God move. My immense and passionate hope is that the power of God be revealed in its fullness and that I am both a witness and a channel of His glory. 

It’s frightful to think that this miraculous and all powerful God considers a wretch like me in His plans… 

But it’s beautifully frightening, like the thrill of being on a swing set and going just a little higher than you anticipated and feeling the little tingle.

Whatever God has created me to be, that I am for His pleasure. 

Live a little, love a lot, be a blessing! 

– ShaKeisha M – 


Dear Leslie Miller…

Dear Leslie,

I realize that domestic violence in this country is often laughed about and taken lightly until it hits home, pun intended. You may not care about domestic violence because the oppressive fist has not been turned towards anyone you care about but as a public figure, you don’t get to put aside your diplomacy and undermine the struggle that women in this country and worldwide struggle daily to overcome.

Statistics and causes are known to you I will assume based on your educational background but the area in which you are ignorant is the very premise on which you made your joke. You have raised your hand to a woman never realizing that you did more than subdue her for a moment, you put her in bondage of constant second guessing and doubt.

You struck down her sense of self worth in an attempt to feel powerful and gain control only to exude the maniacal attributes of a deranged man. I am by no means suggesting that you are mentally disturbed, but weak. It takes a very weak spirit to seek strength in the oppression of another. Thousands of women in this country cringed at your blatant disregard for their well-being. Every abused woman is someone’s daughter, sister, mother, cousin or loved one by some standard; you abused your position by further oppressing and belittling abused women.

I am afraid of what your next joke will be about; child abuse, rape or murder? What hits home to you? Obviously striking a woman is child’s play.

I hope that you reflect on your words. I hope that you seek God and ask Him to reveal his thoughts concerning the struggle of abused women and you redirect your thoughts on the matter. It was disappointing and hurtful that the general consensus was to laugh at hitting or beating a woman who has to seek healing long after the scars or bruises have healed. I do believe to a God that admonishes us to protect the oppressed, this topic is no laughing matter.
Do not make it okay, do not tell our nation that it’s no big deal.



Concerned Citizen