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Harlot to Help Meet (Day 63 – 100 Days of Singleness)

And behold, a woman comes to meet him, Dressed as a harlot and cunning of heart. She is boisterous and rebellious, Her feet do not remain at home;

“Come, let us drink our fill of love until morning; Let us delight ourselves with caresses.

With her many persuasions she entices him; With her flattering lips she seduces him. Suddenly he follows her As an ox goes to the slaughter, Or as one in fetters to the discipline of a fool,

For many are the victims she has cast down, And numerous are all her slain. Her house is the way to Sheol, Descending to the chambers of death. (‭Proverbs‬ ‭7‬:‭10-11, 18, 21-22, 26-27‬ NASB)

Before the Proverbs 31 woman that we all would love to think we are, Solomon was adamant in warnings of the harlot. I do not expect many women to like this message, or most men to heed the warnings but in obedience – I will paint the picture through divine vision.

Just as the virtuous woman is a “good thing” to the man who finds her, the harlot of Proverbs 7 is the woman that can be a fool’a demise. She seduces you and entices you with lips of honey and words of soothing jasmine, her hips sway to the rhythm of your heart and you lose it. Your mind. I need my brothers to understand that they have to be selective when dating and not to fall into the plan of the enemy by pursuing wayward women. Yes, you may find comfort in her bosom, but the warmth will soon turn as hot coals when you’ve turned away from God’s wisdom to melt into her embrace.

As women, we must seek healing. We cannot continuously walk around broken, using men as a pacifier for souls that are in turmoil. Your thirst for love and acceptance will never be quenched by a man, a few men or many men. No matter how many beds you are welcomed into, you will always be alone. Your soul is lost. Tangled in those bed sheets you allowed your worth to be stripped away with that last piece of clothing. You feel that a better man is the remedy, but you cannot seek from a man what only God can offer.

“I have wiped out your transgressions like a thick cloud And your sins like a heavy mist. Return to Me, for I have redeemed you.” (‭Isaiah‬ ‭44‬:‭22‬ NASB)

My sister, God does not care about your body count. He is not concerned with the labels the world has attached to you based on decisions you made from pain. He is the God that heals, that delivers and transforms. It is He that can bring you from the Proverbs 7 warning, to the Proverbs 31 blessing you were born to be.

– Shakeisha M.

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Beautifully broken … A little deeper ( Day 57 – 100 Days of Singleness)

I had this really powerful message to deliver to you guys… But what I’m led to share with you is something a bit different than usual.

I speak to you, not as a spotless woman of virtue. I speak to you as a broken vessel. Repaired and redeemed by the one true living God who saw it fit to love me when I had deemed myself unlovable. I had counted myself out and saw me worthy of nothing more than the stolen moments of affection I had begun to settle for.

When I gave my heart to God, I was so broken and confused that I didn’t even expect Him to love me fully. After all, who could love a mess like me? Who could possibly love me knowing all I had done and how could anyone love me when I could barely manage to love myself? How could this perfect God ever see anything good in me? Those prophets had to be wrong, those promises in the bible sound good but they weren’t for me; they don’t know how messed up I am!

The nights I pictured the world without me and envisioned it to be better that way. There were days I hated everyone around me only because they reminded me that I existed. And even when I was foolish enough to like me, along came a reminder of how unworthy I was of love.

BUT God!!!!

He had a plan for me when I didn’t even want to exist! God kept me, literally. I’m not speaking hypothetically, I am talking about times when I should have and would have been dead. I’ve been held over a railing, had a machete held to my throat and raced down a dark highway pleading for a life I wasn’t really sure I wanted.

God loved me so much He forced me to love myself!!!! I had to love me because He did and in my intimate times with Him, He left no room for my self loathing. I’m not who I was, I do not accept what I once did. My redeemer has reconciled me to Himself and shown me the truth about me when I had bought into the lies of the enemy and those that despise me. God began pouring Himself into me and flushing out the darkness I once was familiar with. I speak to you with the authority of Jesus Christ who calls me His own and I am telling you that you are worthy, you are magnificent and you are planned! Every detail of your life is important to your creator and there is no room for you to continue to hate the beautiful being He created you to be!!!

Let love reign!

I know, the pain won’t go away right this moment. But I am a living testament that it will go away, in His presence there is fullness of joy and the more time you spend with Him… The less you spend in despair.

Try Him, try the savior that changed me. Try the God that loved me into loving myself. Try this Holy Spirit that comforts me and leads me.

Just try.

I love you, God loves you – even if you don’t love you. You can learn to. God will show you how!

– Shakeisha M.

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So you think you’re the one?! (Day 37 – 100 Days of Singleness)

Most people LOVE the chase… A person will pursue you to the ends of the earth just for the thrill of the chase.

We have to be careful not to mistake persistence with destiny. Not everyone that desires you, deserves you.

A man that isn’t led by God should not be expected to lead you. A mate that serves God should be one thing you do not compromise on.
There will be LOTS of potential spouses that claim to be sent by God… Lots. God will give you the spirit of discernment and for the most part you can rely on your intuition.

God will not send a spouse that pulls you away from Him.

The problem is most people want a spouse that’s godly enough to be faithful to them but not godly enough to be faithful to God by remaining pure.

So. They think they’re the one huh? Pull back and observe until God gives you confirmation, you’ll be surprised at what the Spirit shows you about a seemingly great potential spouse.

Keep seeking God, let whoever is trying to get to you… Go through Him!

Love a little. Love a lot. Be a blessing!
– Shakeisha M.


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No more locked doors!!! – Pursuing Purity (Day 26 – 100 Days of Singleness)

I know he/ she is no good for me but…

Stop right there! Anything that follows this phrase is a sorry excuse of a reason to stay and you know it.

I know as the song says, “he ain’t no good but it feels so good”. I know and have experienced the pleasure of sin, so for all of us that have; let’s take a look at this:
Flee immorality. Every other sin that a man commits is outside the body, but the immoral man sins against his own body. Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body. (1 Corinthians 6:18-20 NASB)

This is the first we have addressed sexual immorality, only because establishing relationship with God was paramount and of utmost importance. A part of committing to God is relinquishing our former ways that are displeasing to our savior.

We are connected to those we allow into our bodies, it’s more than a physical exchange of pleasure … It’s a spiritual fusing of spirits that was designated for marriage. We have to commit to purity, to living up to the standard of Christ. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had 1 or 1,000 partners! All that matters is repentance and seeking God’s deliverance from the sin itself and from those our souls are tied to! Sexual sins go against God and our own bodies and no matter how the media may portray it as some frivolous act, it’s not! It’s not to be taken lightly and we aren’t to be taking part in it outside of marriage.

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own?

Do you not know???

We cannot give our spirit to God and our bodies to the world. It won’t work.

We declare release from immorality! We come against the lust of this flesh and heed to the spirit of God and we WILL answer God’s call to holiness and be sustained by His Holy Spirit. We declare freedom! We declare holiness! In the name of Jesus!!!

God be with you always my loves and until next time;

Live a little, love a lot & be a blessing
– Shakeisha M.20140624-172419-62659802.jpg

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Express yourself!!! 10 Things you love about you (Day 15 – 100 Days of Singleness)

Yes we are still seeking Christ, we are still pursuing intimacy with Him. But on our quest to finding who we are in Christ He has also laid it on my heart for us to find out and celebrate who we at at this point in our lives!

Express yourself!

All those little things you love about you, let’s hear em! Keep them as a reminder of how fabulous you are and how highly God thinks of you for those days when you feel anything but fabulous!

Here’s my list… Yikes!

1. I’m wayyyy too emotional sometimes and I love it! Though it works against me sometimes I live being so in tune with what I’m feelings and being able to express it.

2. I have really full eyes, they used to be something I loathed until I got a good glimpse of the beauty God had made me to be.

3. My huge heart. Yes sometimes I get taken advantage of, but no matter what I’ve always been empathetic and always been sensitive to the needs of others.

4. My family, I know this list is about me but so are they. I love that I can see parts of myself in each of them and that they accept me fully despite out many differences.

5. My friends, are just like my family and have been the glue that holds me together on soooo many occasions! I absolutely adore them and they’ve proven that the feeling is mutual.

6. Let’s do it! This is one of the things I’ve learned to embrace as a strength rather than a weakness. It’s my innate desire to try new things and my flexibility when it comes to changing plans. Maybe I could be a little less impulsive but…. Nahh! I’m sure that this desire to get up and go is directly tied to God’s ultimate plan for my life so I celebrate it.

7. Nurturing nature… This has to be one of my favorite traits only because I hadn’t noticed it until those around me began to comment on it. But yes, I love taking care of those around me and meeting their needs. I’m a servant at heart.

8. Crazyyyyy…. Is a description I’ve gotten way too much and I love it! Maybe I’m a little hyper at times and more random than need be, but there’s nothing wrong with a little crazy is there?

9. Adaptability. I am more likely to go with the flow than most. I’ve realized that some battles are just not worth fighting and I choose them wisely. If it won’t matter after this moment why should I allow it to cloud my mental space now?

10. Jesus Jesus Jesus is the BEST thing that’s ever happened to me!!! The thing I love most about myself is the person I’m continuously becoming through Christ. Allowing Him full access has limited the access that less important and even volatile things have had to my heart and mind. Jesus if you’re all I ever have, I’ll always have more than enough! Whew! Love Him!

Embrace you! Celebrate you! Express you!

Jesus comes to change your character not your personality, the quirky little things about you are what will make you effective where He’s sending you. You were born for this!

So get to writing your lists! Share them if you like and just tag me or you can email them if you’re not comfortable posting them online.

Twitter: @prodigalroyalty
Facebook: Keisha McKenzie

Live a little, love a lot and be a blessing!
– Keisha


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What is perfect anyway?!? – Day 14 (100 Days of Singleness)

Hey I’m a 25 year old single mother with fears of abandonment, trust issues and a father complex. What’s your name?

Wouldn’t it be splendid if we LITERALLY had to wear our hearts on our sleeves?

In a world where we spend most of our time concealing our faults, issues and shortcomings it’s quite a shock to have anyone honest enough to divulge theirs and even when they do… We don’t believe them.

I’m going to describe 3 extreme personality types, exaggerated but relatable nonetheless and what I want is for you to identify which one best suits you.

1. Perfect Patty
You’d give your right and left leg to look like the good guy. Heaven forbid someone sees you as human, like those “sinners” with their fornicating and rap music. Your need to be viewed as always having it together is the main reason you so frequently fall apart in secret. The facade only makes you unappealing to us mere mortals that look for someone we can relate to. Perfect Patty, that glass house you’re constantly throw in stones form will eventually be shattered!
People judge by what they see but you see the heart… Lord If we had your eyes….

You need to:
Chill! Nobody is perfect and the sooner you acknowledge your weaknesses, the sooner God can begin working in you. The only perfect man that walked this earth was also the most humble, remember that Patty!

Scripture – Whoever exalts himself shall be humbled; and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted. (Matthew 23:12 NASB)

2. Doubting Dan:
“I’ll never…” “I wish I…” “Nobody will ever pick me to…”

Quit counting on people to fill a God sized hole!

We get it Dan. You’re insecure. Not everything that happens good for someone else needs to remind us of that. If you’d spend a little less time doubting your ability and a little more trusting in God’s then you’d be much more tolerable. Nobody wants to be bombarded with your self loathing and even the most patient of us can only encourage you so much before just avoiding you altogether. Take your doubts, insecurities before God so He can heal you. You’ll never find the validation you’re looking for in any other source. No human can carry that burden for you. When God is done with you, you’ll look back and think man I would have never imagined me !!!

You need to:
Realize that it’s not about you, what God has planned to do had little to do with your ability and everything to do with His ability to use you and to complete that which He predestined you to accomplish. Greatness is in you!

Scripture: – Thus says the LORD, “Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind And makes flesh his strength, And whose heart turns away from the LORD. (Jeremiah 17:5 NASB)
Thus says the LORD, “Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind And makes flesh his strength, And whose heart turns away from the LORD.

“Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD And whose trust is the LORD. (Jeremiah 17:5, 7 NASB)

3. Open Olivia
You’re just a bit too honest honey….

The spirit of discernment is essential especially when it comes to disclosing delicate information about yourself. Not saying to be secretive, but be smart about who you share yourself with and allow God to lead you in this regard. You may be well liked but you’re also well taken advantage. You’re equally as generous with your belongings as you are with your secrets. Not the best idea. Everything is to be done according to God’s plan, you’ll continually be heartbroken and feeling used up because you give too much of yourself without resting he spirits you’re attaching yourself to.

You need to:
Let God be your moral compass and let Him reveal to you those who are truly for you. If you haven’t, please go back and read the post from yesterday Sacred Speech or Secret Sabotage.

Scripture – Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life. (Proverbs 4:23 NASB)

At the end if it all, we all need Just a little more Jesus!

Live a little, love a lot and be a blessing!
– Keisha 20140612-200309-72189374.jpg

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Pride… the silent killer

Pride... the silent killer

I am a proud young woman, sometimes it works to my advantage but at others it hinders God’s work in me.

As we are taught to walk with our heads held high, never let them see you cry, smile through it… when is there time to feel? I have been humbled in the face of my issue with pride and have come to realize so many instances where I decided to be super-woman instead of admitting that I needed help. We won’t always have it all together and that’s okay because we serve a God who does.

God’s strength is perfected in our weakness but how will He get a chance to show His glory when we never show our weakness?

By no means am I suggesting that you should wear your problems like cute teal blazer or death defying 6-inch nude pumps. I am telling you that we need to come to a place of intimacy with our creator where we are honest enough with ourselves to admit our weakness and let him know we need his help. We need to reach a point in our relationships, with proper discernment and prayer of course; that we can trust those around us with our feelings and shortcomings.

Allow your family and friends to carry your load with you sometimes, being the one everyone depends on can be draining and you need to take care of you! God never intended for us to carry our burdens, Jesus came to bear it all and as we begin to seek God He will send the right people into our lives to make this journey into eternity that much more bearable and even enjoyable!

So super-woman, super man… take off your cape for a minute and allow your mild mannered alter-ego to take precedence as you relax and let those around you help with the heavy lifting.

We must walk in love, and a part of walking in love is being able to accept it from others; a lesson I am learning daily.

Live a little, love a lot & be a blessing!
– Memoirs of Keisha

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Thanks, but no thanks…



Don’t do me any favours!

I beg of anyone that encounters me never to darken the doorway of my life by remaining out of obligation or to void hurting my feelings. All you are doing essentially is preventing those who God has purposed to be a part of my destiny from coming in. The art of letting go is a beautiful one that I have realized as important as the ministry of loving one another and remaining constant. You never have to remind someone to love you or prove your worth to anyone, when you feel you do.. it’s time to let go.

I have a few people that feel I am cold or dismissive but I am neither. I have a heart for people, one that allows me to feel empathy for those I encounter and reach out to help them however I can. It does a disservice to me and those I could potentially be a blessing to if all my efforts are then spent grabbing the hand of those pulling away. Go. It doesn’t mean I may not miss you, but I firmly believe in God’s will for my life. I am under the impression that he will not tie me to anyone that is not tied to me willingly, in love and is excited about being a part of my life.

This does not mean that I will stop praying for you or that I will ever have anything negative to say about you, I won’t. I simply realize that we are squatting on each other’s territory illegally. We are no longer growing and serving each other or we have ventured onto different paths, it’s okay.

Just remember…

Sometimes goodbye is the sweetest word you can utter. It releases hat person of their sense of obligation toward you and you from holding onto them in vain and releases you into your destiny.

Live a little, laugh a lot and be a blessing!


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Truth About Me Conference

Truth About Me Conference

I planned and hosted my first conference this past Friday (Feb 21st 2014) and this one of the photos capturing the event.

Inspiration Poetry

Playing Dress-up

Is your pretty, pretty enough for this world?
Is your pretty, pretty enough for this world?


Pretty heels and pretty pearls
Is you pretty, pretty enough for this world?
When your heart grows weary of it’s hiding place
When love no longer abounds
How much is pretty worth?
Playing dress up until 30… we look like clowns
Nip, tuck, make that thang fat
How much is pretty worth if it hurts?
Pretty matters more than you do
Your costume more than your character
The charade more than she
Red lipstick stained lies
Confidence disappears just behinds her eyes
Never permeating her soul
Just a pretty pit
Void of true love
Void of anything
Pretty empty.
Makeup, made up nothing but an illusion
Portraying who you pretend to be
Reach into your soul and pull out the pretty you forgot
The love that once graced your face before you were lost
Reach into the pretty that matters
Pretty heels and pretty pearls
Your pretty is never pretty enough for this world.
How much longer will we play dress up?