When I need love…

I had a pretty good day. But there came a moment where I just got a little heavy and felt like I needed love. 

God used it as a reminder that He is my ultimate source of love! As I’m writing this post, the song  When I need you is running through my head. There are a few renditions, but there is something about hearing Rod Stewart belt it out with his raspy tone that brings it home for me.

This passion, the same passion that would get a perfect Christ to die for ungrateful and undeserving Christians is what I desire to possess. 

I get pouty and moody and I forget this world is not my final stop. This world, even those I hold most dear cannot be my source of love – they can’t fill that God sized hole we all carry. 

So when I need love, I just close my eyes and His presence washes over me. His unchanging love is there to remind me that I am His beloved and He desires me greatly. His words are at the tip of my tongue as a nectar to sweet to savor only once, it’s for continued indulgence. 
God I just want to thank you for being there, when I need love. 

By ShaKeisha C. Johnson

On a mission to reinvent, rejuvenate, re-establish, restore and redefine this generation of women!

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