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Pride… the silent killer

Pride... the silent killer

I am a proud young woman, sometimes it works to my advantage but at others it hinders God’s work in me.

As we are taught to walk with our heads held high, never let them see you cry, smile through it… when is there time to feel? I have been humbled in the face of my issue with pride and have come to realize so many instances where I decided to be super-woman instead of admitting that I needed help. We won’t always have it all together and that’s okay because we serve a God who does.

God’s strength is perfected in our weakness but how will He get a chance to show His glory when we never show our weakness?

By no means am I suggesting that you should wear your problems like cute teal blazer or death defying 6-inch nude pumps. I am telling you that we need to come to a place of intimacy with our creator where we are honest enough with ourselves to admit our weakness and let him know we need his help. We need to reach a point in our relationships, with proper discernment and prayer of course; that we can trust those around us with our feelings and shortcomings.

Allow your family and friends to carry your load with you sometimes, being the one everyone depends on can be draining and you need to take care of you! God never intended for us to carry our burdens, Jesus came to bear it all and as we begin to seek God He will send the right people into our lives to make this journey into eternity that much more bearable and even enjoyable!

So super-woman, super man… take off your cape for a minute and allow your mild mannered alter-ego to take precedence as you relax and let those around you help with the heavy lifting.

We must walk in love, and a part of walking in love is being able to accept it from others; a lesson I am learning daily.

Live a little, love a lot & be a blessing!
– Memoirs of Keisha

By ShaKeisha C. Johnson

On a mission to reinvent, rejuvenate, re-establish, restore and redefine this generation of women!

10 replies on “Pride… the silent killer”

Great read. I almost said ouch a few times too. 🙂 but another thing about pride…. its often misconstrued for arrogance. It makes you seem unapproachable. I’m working on being more approachable (humble) myself. People are more receptive to your love when you are humble.


Interesting… Humility is a great asset and I too had to learn this valuable lesson. Evidence of growth in the writer.


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